A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game was made in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam of 2017 under the theme WAVES.

You are a popcorn and have to evade micro waves to survive until the cooking time is done.

In this game you play the role of Pipoca, a popcorn about to be cooked in a microwave. But you won't pop so easily. Move and jump around to avoid getting hit by micro waves, and beware because others popcorn may pop and send everything flying. Survive until the timer runs out and stay UNPOPPED.

Press the POPCORN button to start/restart the game.


  • A and D / ← and → for movement
  • W / ↑ / Spacebar to jump


  • Diego Velasco Volkmann
  • Khin Baptista
  • Marcelo Vasques
  • Marina Poester


  • Godot Engine
  • Photoshop
  • GIMP 2


  • Beat the game 3 times in a row (restart by pressing POPCORN after win)
  • Beat the game by NOT moving
  • Beat the game ONLY jumping (you can't go left or right on your own)

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Version 0.2 changelog:

  • Fixed difficulty (wave spawn rate) not resetting when the game was restarted
  • Fixed waves not being corretly disposed on game over
  • Fixed (hopefully) intermittent game crash when player pops

Special Thanks:

MarshmallowMatt for sharing his gameplay on youtube


Unpopped_v0.2.exe 24 MB
Unpopped_v0.2 33 MB

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